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Our new
customer journey mapping platform
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a new kind of agency -

at the intersection of Customer experience, market research &

culture change

We are a full service Customer Closeness agency. We help organisations better understand the lives of their customers, by empowering their customer insight through innovative Closeness sessions, immersive technology and traditional mediums.

Most brands fail to fully exploit their most prized asset – the unique insight they have on their customers. This understanding is rarely shared within an organisation, despite its value. So its full potential is never realised. At Insider, we believe that empowering those insights, creating a holistic view of your customer and connecting your employees with them, will improve performance throughout the organisation - from boardroom to branch.

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Become Customer Centric

Q. how do you become customer centric................?

This age old question has gone unanswered for too long... we have the answer and you might be suprised to know that it’s not ‘Do more research’.


We are passionate advocates of the market research industry, it’s where we as a collective come from. We believe that customer insight is one of the most valuable resources you have, however the full potential of the insights you generate is rarely fully realised and it’s only ever seen by a select few within your organisation.


Using your existing customer knowledge we create a range of insight activation tools, Customer Closeness campaigns and business programs that connect your internal teams, wherever they are, to you customers. Creating customer empathy and building a customer centric culture.


We believe you should be customer focussed and to do this your customer should be present in every corner of your organisation. Simply doing more research cannot do this for you, but we can.


CONTACT US and we will show you how.

A. Here is
the Answer

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Whatwe do

mobilise your organisation around the customer

Our ambition is to be a conduit between your insight function and your entire business, spreading the voice of your customer into all the corners of your organisation.


We seek to bring your customers to life, embedding them in the heart of your organisation and opening a door to their world. Connecting your teams, frontline staff, board, suppliers and others with your customers in an impactful and human way. Thereby adding value to your research investment and helping to drive a customer centric culture.


​We do this by drawing on our collective knowledge from the worlds of research, communication design, culture change, PR, marketing and advertising.

From company wide Customer Closeness campaigns, targeted voice of the

customer initiatives, segmentation launches or individual stakeholder

engagement, we bridge the gap between customer reality and business culture.


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Thank you!

we help you drive growth by
creating A people centric culture

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How We Do It

We connect
people with people in creative and wonderful ways

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel “    -  Maya Angelou


This quote perfectly sums up our feelings about immersion. What it translates to for us is that people will learn a bit from reading a report, they might take out a bit more from an inspiring presentation, but if they experience something it will have greater meaning and impact. You’ll never really understand the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory. We believe that effective immersion

techniques can leave the viewer with customer memories (not

their own) and this is why we gravitate to using immersive

technology to deliver human truths. Of course, it’s not all

about whizzy tools and immersion. Creative use of

traditional media; print, film; tactical communications etc. all

play a part in spreading the voice of your customer and

connecting people with people.


customer closeness

Whether it’s company-wide campaigns, touching all parts of an organisation, or small, targeted campaigns, we can take a Closeness program from conception all the way through to delivery. We work on the principals of Awareness, Activation & Embedding, bringing your customers to life through the physical environment your staff work in and extending seamlessly into programs, events and business practices. We aim to affect a cultural change within your business, bringing your customers inside the building to create an outside-in, customer obsessed culture.

activation toolkits

Whether forming part of a larger Closeness program or as your first steps towards Customer Centricity, we can help you design a range of Customer Closeness tools for different teams and departments to connect with your customer. From easy to use and simple activities for everyday engagement to more sophisticated tools to inspire and connect the users to the customer through immersion. Creating a toolkit enables you to deploy Customer Closeness in an affordable and flexible way, creating a sustainable mechanism for staff to get close to and understand your customers more.

align CX with EX

The Service Profit chain is an often overlooked, but extremely important business model. Empower your employees, show them where they fit into the customer journey to give them a sense of purpose beyond their career and pay check. The service profit chain helps to establish relationships between profitability, customer loyalty and employee satisfaction. Business growth and profit are developed largely by customer loyalty. That loyalty is a result of customer satisfaction, which is largely influenced by the value of services provided to customers. That value is created by empowered, loyal, and productive employees. Connecting employees to customers through Customer Closeness activities delivers a sense of purpose and empowers teams, increasing engagement, productivity and staff retention.

service profit chain.png


We use a whole raft of creative tools that enable your employees to enter your customers’ world and experience their lives and choices. All too often we see organisations bring their customers into their offices for closeness sessions. These can sometimes work well, but let’s be honest, this is a fish-out-of-water situation, you will not see them in the context of their lives. Customers will not act ‘normally’ no matter how engaging they are as people and these ‘events’ are expensive and generally one-offs. And only those who attend the event get the ‘experience’. You need to go into your customers world and see, hear and feel them for yourself, and those not present need the opportunity to experience the same things. We create powerful, reusable experiences that everyone can engage with, adding value, reach and impact to your research investment.

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Virtual Immersion - Reusable immersion experiences put you in the room with your customers. It’s a powerful tool for communicating empathy and understanding. We supply end-to-end solutions, from full production, filming and editing through to supply of headsets for solo use or for workshops. Once you have the VR content it can be played in any number of settings. For instance Igloo immersion rooms, which are pop-up shared VR spaces, great for events and seminars. We also supply workshop kits for in-person or remote use, so you can ‘virtually’ bring your customers into your environment, bringing the context of their lives with them!


consumer co-lab

The power of consumer immersion is its capacity to put your stakeholders in the shoes of your audiences, getting them up close and personal, and able to live and breathe the experience of key audiences. 


Seeing the world through their eyes yields a rich spectrum of insight, spanning the more overt and functional, to the more subtle and emotional, and as a result, your stakeholders come away with a strong idea and a strong feeling of the consumer experience. A sense of connection.

The challenge however, is that without then articulating and crystallising these insights, they can sit disparately and to varying degrees across the minds and emotional fabric of your stakeholders.

Enter the ‘Consumer Co-Lab’ an essential part of the process. An immersive workshop style session formed of three parts:

- Deeplyimmersive‘Meet-the-customer’experience 
-  A collaborative ‘in-person’ session to decompress and discuss 
-  Bespoke session outputs delivered on 


Bake Customer Closeness into the research process. Becoming truly customer centric is about finding the right tools to bridge the gap between customer reality and business culture. Customer Closeness is that tool. We need to make customer insight heard, travel across the business and live on for it to have real impact and enable action. We understand that meeting this desired outcome is equally about fostering the right company culture as it is about tailored insight outputs. We need to create the optimal environment for insight to embed and grow productively, with Customer Closeness baked in.

With this in mind, we offer bespoke training modules for your insight function. Designed around your business and with a leaning towards a Customer Closeness mindset. Unlocking the power of insight at its source, to spark ideas, enable change, and drive confident decision making.

insight impact training

How Customer Centric are you? We can help organisations find out how customer centric they really are by conducting what we call a Customer Respect Audit. We look at all facets of the internal processes, organisational structure, current customer listening and knowledge approaches, where your brand adds value to the customer, as well as looking externally at what the customer experiences when dealing with you. Our Customer Respect Audits are designed to take information from your existing customer understanding and combine it with our own investigations, to ultimately come up with a an answer to that question, along with some practical steps to fill the gaps.

customer respect audits

CX Journey Map
CX journey map logo.png

mapping your customer journey? we've got
a platform for that...

Most organisations spend a lot of time and money understanding their customer journey. It is often mapped out in an unintelligible format that only a select few within the organisation get to see. This is a huge missed opportunity and will not do justice to what is possibly the most important piece of customer intelligence you have.


Everyone in your organisation, including your suppliers and agencies, should know and understand the customer journey. What it is, what the pain points are. What can be improved and the implications if it’s not improved, where your competitors fit into the customer landscape and importantly, where they as an employee fit into that journey. They should also know what kind of experience has the customer been through before they meet them and what awaits them in the next part of the journey.


Multiperspectivity - Telling a story from multiple perspectives

On our platform we can map out your customer journey

in 360°. This is a human journey, so all touch points are brought to life with

human stories and context, using film, photography, animation, text and audio.

It is a scrollable and highly interactive and visually rich web based platform

that brings the customer journey to life from multiple perspectives.

it's a silo busting tool that helps develop & align both CX & eX

CX journey map logo.png

A rich and dynamic, scrollable timeline that brings your customer journey to life with film, images, audio and data. A silo busting tool, promoting EX & CX. Creating a holistic 360° view of the customer journey and the employee Experience.

A golden thread that everyone in your organisation can align to.

The customer view

The voice of your customer, captured in the

moment, bringing to life their real world context


Quizzes to test users understanding. Tracking who is engaging and what their customer knowledge is.

competitors view

What are your competitors doing at this stage in the journey, are the winning?

the brand view

Where does your brand fit into this part of the journey, where are your brand values? do they resonate with your customer?

success metric

NPS, CSAT, CES, PES? Whatever metric you use can be included and updated as it changes.


The staff view

insights & opportunities

Updatable line.png
Insights line.png

Easily updates as and when the journey changes and develops

How are employees acting in this moment, what challenges do they face and are they aligned with the customer?

What are the key challenges here, what can be done to improve this stage in the journey, what are the pain points?

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some of our clients
and how we
work with them

We are in the business of connecting people to foster understanding and empathy. We take the same approach with our customers. We seek to understand them, getting to know what challenges and obstacles they face and we thrive on relationships. Our ambition is to be an insight activation partner to our clients, working alongside their insight function, their CX teams and their agencies, in whatever capacity suits the relationship best.

Mee the team

Meet some of the team...

We come from diverse backgrounds and industries and as a collective of likeminded people are able to call on a large global network of talent. We embrace the collective model, with a core leadership team that works with a network of trusted expertise in the form of independent consultants and advisors, making us flexible and adaptive, putting collaboration at the heart of our work.

Leadership Team


Key Advisors

The team13.png

Raph is our go-to, font of all knowledge, when it comes to research excellence. Raph is the founder of The Sauce research agency and spearheads some of our more research focussed products.

The team13.png

Daniel is the founder of Immanent Productions and a long term collaborator. He has been working with the moving image for over 2 decades and knows all there is to know about bringing customer realities to life with film.


we work globally, contact us...   //   Telephone: +44 (0)20 8947 6438




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